Eye Examinations

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Eye Examinations

Regular eye examinations not only detect eye conditions like long or short sightedness but can also detect eye disease before you notice the effect on your vision. Early treatment can often prevent your vision from getting worse. Early indicators of certain medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease can also be detected through an eye examination.

On the Isle of Man patients are entitled to an NHS eye examination, provided it is not more frequent than the recommended test intervals. A private eye examination is always an option should you need or want an examination more frequently.

Adults are recommended to have an eye examination at least once every 2 years, whilst for children under 16, it is recommended every 12 months. There are some groups who are entitled to an NHS eye examination more frequently than this. See Eye Examinations FAQs.

There are many different tests and procedures that can be used to check both your vision and the health of your eyes. You can be sure at Newby & Padley Optometrists that you will receive a thorough examination from caring and experienced optometrists.

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We will ask a few questions about general health, lifestyle and family history of specific eye and general medical conditions. This allows the optometrist to fully understand your visual requirements and also tailor your eye examination to your specific needs.

We use the latest digital Apple test charts to present a series of tests and ensure accuracy when establishing your spectacle prescription. The tests are neither difficult nor painful and are designed to assess visual function and the health of your eyes.

Newby & Padley Optometrists
Our optometrists like to take time with patients and make them feel at ease. Patients often worry that they are giving the wrong answer. The optometrist will often check your responses several times until he is sure that they are consistent and make sense. You just need to relax and say what you see.
Newby & Padley Optometrists

You will also have the opportunity to have additional Tests, such as retinal photography or an Optomap® wide field retinal scan.

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Eye Examinations FAQ's

Anyone resident on the Isle of Man is entitled to a free NHS eye examination every 2 years.

Certain age groups or patients with particular conditions or symptoms can have an NHS eye examination more frequently. (see table below)

Alternatively you may have a private eye examination as often as you wish.

We allow 30 -45 minutes for our eye examinations.

We like to take the time to discuss your symptoms and visual requirements so that we can tailor our examination to find the reasons and best solutions.

Anyone resident on the Isle of Man is entitled to a free NHS eye examination every 2 years. Children under 16 and certain at risk groups are entitled to have an examination more frequently.

We offer optional further advanced diagnostic tests such as Optomap® wide field retinal scans at an additional cost. Private eye examinations are available at a reasonable cost.

Occasionally it is necessary to use drops to dilate the pupils to get a better view of the back of the eye. The optometrist will discuss this with you if they feel it is required and a convenient appointment can be scheduled for this to be done.

It may be necessary to use drops when testing small children. A follow up appointment is usually scheduled if this needs to be done.

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